Hello all,


We are ready to finalize STEP ONE of transitioning to Gmail. This will make any email sent to your old email address go to your Gmail address. 


Any new emails sent to your marshallschools.com email address will go to your marshallowls.com email address. 


It is extremely important that all faculty and staff set up their Gmail account's so this works properly for all users.


The date that this change will take place is Friday July 28th.  Again, if you do not have your Gmail account set up by this date you will not receive new email. 



Please note, no data currently on the exchange server or your local Outlook file will be lost. STEP TWO is to transfer data to Gmail.

If you need assistance activating your Gmail account please email tech@didocts.com or call (866) 292-9682 Option 0 and leave a voicemail.